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Product Applications

Product Specifications
  • ACPL is able to supply a wide range of Steam Activated Carbon comprising of
  • Granular carbon
  • Powder carbon
  • Acid Washed Carbon
  • Water Washed Carbon
  • Impregnated Carbon

Broad Specifications of ACPL Activated Carbon
ACPL adopts the ASTM and AWWA standards for testing, but can also offer testing to Japanese, British or German standards.

Carbon has been used for centuries in the purification and decolorisation of water and other liquids. It is finding new uses in ever increasing number of applications in diverse fields.Coconut shell based activated carbon is ideal for both liquid phase and gaseous phase applications where purification to trace concentration is required,as they have unique properties like microporous structutre,higher adsorption capacity and hardness. ACPL activated carbon is used in many domestic and industrial applications like.
  • Water treatment : Purification of drinking water and ground water,treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater.
  • Food processing : Purification and deodourisation of edible oils and beverages before bottling.
  • Precious metal recovery : To extract gold from ores or tailings in gold mines.
  • Air purification : Conditioning of air,solvent recovery and environmental protection from pollution.
  • Protection equipments : Car cabin filters,gas masks,cigarette filters etc.

Stuffing Quantities
  • 40 FCL: 25 KG BAGS -24.2 MT Palletized
  • 40 FCL: 25 KG Bags -25 MT without palletized
  • 40 FCL: 500 KG Bags-22 MT Palletized
  • 40 FCL: 500 Kg Bags -25 MT without Palletized
  • 40 FCL : 550 Kg Bags -25 tons Without Palletized
  • 20 FCL: 25 Kg bags-10 MT Palletized
  • 20 FCL: 25 KG Bags-11 MT Non: Palletized
  • 20 FCL: 500 KG Bags: 10 Ton

Normal practices and packing method we are following is in 500 Kg jumbo bags and 25 Kg Poly propylene bags.
  • Specification of Jumbo Bag is 90x90x120cm,
  • Generally, cargo is carried in containers, strongly packed & adequately sealed
  • Goods should be palletized, straps, seals, and shrink wrapping and containerized.
  • Packages and packing filler should be made of moisture-resistant material and UV resistant and suitable for long storage and in harsh conditions, Packing and conservation of goods shall be sufficient to protect them from damage during transit from point of manufacturer and storage at job SITE under conditions which may involve multiple handling.

Marketing and labeling
It includes Country of origin, Weight marking, Number of packages, Lot No/Batch No


  • Air Filter

  • Block Converted

  • Granular Activated Carbon

  • Our Coconut Shell Steam Activated Charcoal is Now

  • Pellet Carbon

  • Powdered Activated Carbon

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